Another Ploy to take YOUR Care

We thought that Republicans were willing to come to the table and work with Democrats to make healthcare more affordable.

The Senate [hosted a bipartisan hearing –] I [hosted a Solutions Only Congressional Field Inquiry –]

But instead of working in good faith for American families, they revived TrumpCare for a THIRD time. [And this bill is the worst one yet –]

Thankfully, two Republican Senators – John McCain (AZ) & Rand Paul (KY) – have announced their opposition to this cruel bill but we still need one more!

Personally, I’m impressed with Senator McCain’s courage, despite Trump’s attacks, he’s standing up for American families. He wants a bipartisan solution that works and so do I.

Rumors are circulating that other Senators are leaning no but we need to keep up the pressure. Keep the calls coming in, keep sending tweets and keep educating your neighbors, family and friends.

Together, we can protect our care!

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