A Shameful Day in Congress. We Must Unite for Change

This past Thursday, House Republicans voted against an amendment supported by me and House Democrats that would ensure that federal contracts cannot discriminate against LGBT employees.
In a shameful display of political calculation trumping personal courage, several House Republicans who had initially cast votes in support of this equality measure, flip-flopped and changed their vote after arm twisting from their leadership.  Sadly this vote-switching was done after it became clear this anti-discrimination amendment for LGBT Americans and families would pass. 
Equality, justice, and civil rights  are freedoms that all American’s deserve to have defended.  We have a national heritage of creating “A More Perfect Union” and to that end, Congress should be fighting for – and not against –  the equality, rights, and inclusion of all Americans. Last week was a defining moment for House Republicans who were on the wrong side of history in voting to uphold workplace discrimination and failing to protect the rights and freedoms of LGBT Americans and their families.
Last Thursday was a sad day in Congress, but today is a new day to bridge the chasms that separate us.  It’s time to reject the politics that divide us.