America Must Heal

My heart is heavy. Like so many Americans, the tragic events that captured our nation’s attention have been difficult for me to take in.Review Android Smartphone

The two tragedies from this past week are hard to reconcile.

As the mother of a black son, I think about his safety every day. Despite coming from a family of law enforcement officers, he’s shared his apprehension about interacting with police.

It’s true that we must find the root cause of why innocent black lives continue to be taken too early at the hands of police. With each new video of another life lost, I watch in disbelief that this still happens in 21st century America. But we must remember that justice can never be rooted in revenge. As Dr. King once said, “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”trailer movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

What I’m striving for, what we’re all working toward, is a future where we instill respect into both sides of this discussion. I do not know what was in the minds of the officers who cut short the young lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And I certainly don’t know the kind of fear and hatred that caused someone to shoot into a crowded street and end the lives of five full movie Aardvark onlineThe Nice Guys 2016 live streaming film online

America is on edge. We have to decide: are we are going to allow ourselves to go over the cliff with more gun violence and senseless murders, or are we going to step back and act on commonsense reforms that will keep our community safe from the threat of gun violence?

It’s high past time that we act. Too many in areas across the nation feel unheard, unrecognized, and unseen.

We are capable of more. And together, we will build a fairer, safer society.