Combating Gun Violence and Creating Economic Development

I announced on Friday, along with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a distinguished Congressional delegation, a plan aimed at reducing gun violence on the streets of Chicago, the south suburbs, Rockford, Peoria and urban areas across America. The Congressional delegation included included Congressman Bobby RushTammy DuckworthCheri Bustos,Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ).This Beautiful Fantastic movie download

“The UP Initiative,” is a new collaborative effort between Members of Congress and community partners to reduce gun violence and increase economic opportunity.Fist Fight 2017 live streaming movie

The UP Initiative — short for “Urban Progress” — builds on the recommendation of the 2014 Kelly Report on Gun Violence in America, and brings together a broad, diverse coalition from Congress and civic leaders at every level of government to develop a comprehensive strategy of urban reinvestment in Chicago and across the country.

The Initiative seeks to increase access to employment, quality education and training, and improved community-police relations, with the goal of creating safe, stable, self-sustaining communities.

I told the gathering that “Today’s union of groups is a critical first step in proactively engaging families, our business sector, law enforcement, and this Congress. Meaningful change can only occur through cooperative effort. It’s going to take all of us — our churches, public officials, community activists, police and academic institutions—to lift our communities UP from poverty and violence. Collectively, and through committed coordination, we can create a solid framework for building safe and thriving communities.”