Pullman National Monument – Celebrating One Year!

On this day last year, President Obama signed a proclamation establishing the Pullman National Monument in the Pullman District.
I told you then how excited and personally proud I was to represent the Pullmancommunity in our nation’s capital. That feeling has not changed and the excitement has not subsided, as I see the rapid development of the Pullman National Monument, representing the “Statute of Liberty for the Labor Movement.”
The Pullman National Monument will be the crown jewel of the community, a remarkable achievement made possible only through the cooperation and collaboration of leaders from the public and private sectors and the residents of the neighborhood.
Thank you to all of the stakeholders for your hard work and dedication, and to President Obama for making February 19, 2015 such a memorable day. Together, we have preserved the legacy of Pullman, and the vital role that it played in our nation’s labor and civil rights history will endure for generations to come.

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